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Dean Green View Profile

Engineering Consultant & Lecturer

Art, Poetry, Music as my hobbies in spare time. I like mingling with the arts when I'm not busy performing Engineering and Management duties. I enjoyed traveling the world lecturing to youths about science, technology and engineering.


Tishauna Mullings View Profile

Managing Director

Tishauna Mullings is a master personal development trainer whose hunger to defy her many odds and achieve her purpose fuels her career. She was Governor-General Award Recipient for the parish of St. Thomas 2015, Northern Caribbean University (NCU) graduating class valedictorian of 2012, National Farm Queen 2014 and delegate for Barack Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative 2016. As founder and manager of NexxStepp Educational Services she works with hundreds of students’ annually through her academic and mentorship programmes. Her enterprise serves as an avenue for work experience for apprentices through HEART Trust NTA programmes, NYS Summer Programmes, high school students doing community services and other such programmes. She also works as a Training Consultant for HEART Trust NTA where she lectures Business Administration Level 2 and Entrepreneurship. She is a two time nominee for the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence. In 2013 her social enterprise NexxStepp Educational Services was nominated for excellence in Youth Work. In December 2017, she received the Jamaica 55 Special Award for a solid track record in Community Development and Volunteerism.


test mentor View Profile

Customer Success Manager

Having a background in social work has exposed me to many different people and situations, allowing me to relate and support in various situations. More recently I have been involved in entrepreneurship and online wealth creation. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. It's especially exciting when I get to inspire and encourage through speaking, writing, or just sitting and talking to small groups.


Andrene Henry View Profile

Operations and Food Safety Lead

I am a free thinker and global citizen who believes there is a unique path for all who traverse this earth


Capt. Andre Vincent View Profile

Master / Captain

I'm the type of person who doesn't follow where the path may lead but the one who goes where there is no path and leave a trail #AV2017... I like the great outdoors,navigating the ocean,most motorsports,football,swimming,volleyball,critical general many sporting disciplines....


Sandra Rhoden View Profile

Senior Teacher



Tashana Reid View Profile


My hobbies include: reading, surfing the internet, gardening and writing poems. I like to do collections of: key rings from different countries, creating collage of things that interests me- example a collage of different birds.