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Sandy Gray View Profile


I enjoy performing arts and volunteering with organizations/initiatives that foster youth development. I also do graphic designing and for recreation I enjoy adventure and amusement parks.


Shaneka Henry-McLean View Profile

Head of Spanish Department

I seem to have a natural calling towards helping achieve their goals. I seek and share information about scholarship opportunities for young people, housing solutions for low income earners and I generally question my students about their career interests and guide them into making the right steps towards accomplishing same. My hobbies include sewing and crocheting, Latin dancing, watching Spanish movies to improve my fluency in the language and using digital media to effect change in the way people think about social issues.


Ayana Dean View Profile

Co- founder, Creative Director

I enjoy singing and reading. People who know me may not agree, but people who know me really well know I'm very shy.


Tracian Meikle View Profile

PhD Researcher

RESEARCH INTERESTS Urban studies, visual culture, critical development studies, activist anthropology, African diaspora.


Karen Kwok View Profile

Response Volunteer: Saving Mothers Giving Life

Kayaking, performing arts and poetry


Terry-Ann Clahar View Profile


Event Planning Interior Decor Floral Arrangement


Olivia Shaw View Profile

Community Development Officer

I enjoy colouring in colouring books and I scribble in meetings. I love water - drink, swim etc... I self-taught how to swim.