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Terry-Ann Clahar View Profile

Business Development Officer



Eva Forde View Profile

Customer Success Manager

Having a background in social work has exposed me to many different people and situations, allowing me to relate and support in various situations. More recently I have been involved in entrepreneurship and online wealth creation. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. It's especially exciting when I get to inspire and encourage through speaking, writing, or just sitting and talking to small groups.


Bevon Scarlett View Profile


I'm a Front End and Wordpress Developer with 11+ years of experience and a high dose of creativity and professionalism. I have developed projects for many companies worldwide and local, both independently and in teams, cooperating with other developers and designers.


Lanisia Rhoden View Profile

Founder/ Chairman

Lanisia Rhoden is a Social Entrepreneur who is passionate about youth entrepreneurship and serves as Business Advisor with the HEART Trust/NTA, helping their trainees to develop their businesses and access seed funding. She is the CEO of the Social Enterprise, Link Your Purpose (LYP), an online career development platform created to help young people identify and fulfil their career goals through technology, and expand the services of Young Women/Men of Purpose (YWOP/YMOP), an NGO providing career guidance and mentorship to young people in Jamaica, which she founded in 2009. Lanisia is passionate about youth and community development and has received several awards for her work, including the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work and the Jamaica Governor General’s Award for Youth Leadership and Community Development. Lanisia has an MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Manchester, UK as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, a BSc in Food Service Management from the University of Technology, Jamaica, is a Social Enterprise Fellow of The DO School, Germany, and a Young Founder of the Westerwelle Foundation, Berlin.


Maurice Newman View Profile

Classroom Teacher

I am a very jovial individual who is very passionate about youth and youth advancement/success. I believe every young person has the ability to excel one way or another and deserves a fair chance to prove his/her worth in the professional landscape. I am a very fair and open minded individual who is very much aware of the diversity that exists in this 21st century global community, and the importance of living together in a global competitive marketplace. I wish for all a very happy and successful life and I am here to see how best I can facilitate pointing you in the right direction.


Diahn-Maria Soares-Ellis View Profile

Founder/Virtual Executive Administrator

Mother of two, wife of one, child of God, coffee lover. I enjoy writing, reading and spending time with those closest to me while of course meeting new persons. One of my passions is to help persons determine their goals and work towards achieving them. Another passion is to support Executives/Senior Managers keep organized and grounded, making their lives easier, so they can focus on the big ticket items in their business.


Tashina Tucker View Profile

Classroom Teacher

My interests center around the arts. I love to write and have written stories, plays, and poetry, that is, outside of academic writing. I've had the opportunity to direct and produce some of my plays. I also work with youth in preparation for participation in JCDC Performing Arts competition. I love to read, sing, surf the net, cook, hang out and laugh, eat, drink and enjoy the company of friends.